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Self-determination and appreciation are important prerequisites for the meaningfulness of our existence. Honest praise is effective and lasting. It requires empathy and may not contain any form of strategic interests. Feigned praise is easy to be revealed as such. People who are motivated work enthusiastically, are more productive and come up with better solutions. Happiness and satisfaction are closely linked to the economy. We should work on that.

How to turn your goals into reality – to actively plan, flexibly create and to keep your motivation alive.

Just the definition of targets is not enough to successfully reach your goals. A successful implementation necessitates even more. Claudia Gilhofer developed the tool (with solution-oriented methods) gil_com INSPIRED PLANNING® that promotes, supports and inspires while planning. It visualizes progress, encourages and refreshes the motivation again and again: gil_com INSPIRED PLANNING®.

Apart from the necessary portion of perseverance and motivation, it also needs intuition, creative thinking, capacity to improvise and a sharp view on the planning. Without this mix many targets remain halfway or cause unnecessary time pressure, dissatisfaction and even bad mood. This does not just cost you nerves, but maybe a lot of money too. This may be a long-term deciding factor on the success of your company. Yes, we should really work on that.

gil_com INSPIRED PLANNING® animates proactive thought patterns, decodes sources of inspiration and provides you with outcomes & success in between. This way enables not only to get better results, but also to have more fun during the implementation.

Focal points:

_ To optimize your processes
_ To support and develop your potential
_ To increase performance
_ To empower team culture
_ To optimize team performance
_ To encourage inspired thinking, new visions and sustainable solutions
_ To identify individual instigators of motivation 

How far does your 
power of imagination
lead you? 

An innovative method of finding efficient solutions through play.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitated, systemic process that unites creativity and efficiency through play. This method provides to gain clarity, to lead to fruitful meetings, to enhance innovative strategies and supports effectively during change processes.

Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, the participants' hands are able to model what the head doesn't yet know. In the same way as a search engine, the hands provide the brain with impulses and actively support the thought process, triggering new findings and perspectives. This effective process enables a common agreement for individual, aspirational and sustainable solutions for complex topics. With 100 percent participation from all team players – guaranteed.

Claudia Gilhofer LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

Focal points:

_ Potential analyses
_ Team development, building and motivation
_ Optimization of work processes
_ Establishment and promotion of leadership qualities
_ Development of new business ideas and strategies
_ Effective support and supervision of change processes
_ Promoting creativity, new perspectives and sustainable solutions
_ Development of the corporate identity and advancement of its authenticity
_ Design Thinking & customer orientation / to develop exceptional, user-oriented   
   product & service solutions and to extrapolate new potential

How much
scope do your
thoughts have?

Creativity training / Guide on how to break free of rigid thought structures.

Das Fördern und Fordern von Kreativität verschafft einen größeren Anreiz zum unternehmerischen Denken und Handeln. Es steigert die Motivation und Zufriedenheit, macht Spaß – und trägt mehr zum Erfolg Ihres Unternehmens bei.

The best source of ideas is often the company’s own employees. In day-to-day business, the ability to change between “logical and structured” thinking and thinking “out of the box” can the deciding factor for successfully concluding projects and achieving objectives. Creativity is the only thing that multiplies the more often is it used.

This creativity training encourages and challenges your consciousness and sharpens your senses. You learn:
_ to think in options
_ to break down emotional obstacles
_ to accept failures and learn from them
_ to accept other opinions
_ to stimulate and revive your fantasy

For employees, teams and individual people who not only have to be creative, but like to explore new perspectives and possibilities faster and more efficient.

By encouraging and challenging creativity, you create a greater incentive for entrepreneurial thinking. It improves motivation and satisfaction, it's fun and adds to the success of your company.

Training / Topics

  • Definition of roles
  • Self motivation
  • Team motivation
  • Solution-oriented lateral thinking
  • Evolving ideas / Creativity techniques 

Workshop / Topics

  • Potential analyses
  • Employer branding 
  • Personal branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate design

A short-term sparring partner – expand your potential using Systemic Business Coaching (SBC)®.

Everyone has an abundance of individual resources that help them to go through life successfully. Claudia Gilhofer – certified Systemic Business Coach (SBC)® – can help you to rediscover and promote your resources.

Coaching is a goal-oriented, appreciative, short-term, cooperative supervision and support. It is developed to address your immediate concerns. You are the expert who is to find the solution and you are responsible for your decision. The coach is the expert for the process. The coach’s goal is to become redundant as soon as possible. If the chemistry is there, it’s the best basis for a rewarding and fruitful cooperation.

For self-reflection, personal development, reinforcement for challenging decisions – to consciously promote new perspectives and solutions.

For managers, team leaders and employees – for people who want to change or improve their quality of life.

  • Systemic, constructivist approach 
  • Result and solution-oriented facilitation

  • Definition of current status 
  • Definition of goals 
  • Development of personal and leadership skills

One-to-one sessions and/or by telephone, Skype and e-mail.

What is reflected
in your mirror image?