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Advertising craves attention. It’s effective when it is personal, entertaining, inspirational or informative. Only the truth can be persuasive. This requires authenticity – when what’s on the inside correlates with what’s on the outside. And it requires a strong and determined stance. The only thing that matters is what is retained in the minds of the target group. gil_com stands for appreciative communication – creating, inspiring, focussing on solutions.

Diverse ideas
rely on sincerity and courage.

The courage to have vision – to go your own way, instead of that of the others. In order to achieve a unique brand identity. And a clear differentiation. A good brand design combines emotion and information. Because both the head and the heart decide on how effective the message is.

prospers the freer 
the mind is.

Dialogue means more
than just talking to each other.

Only if you listen carefully, will you understand what it’s all about. The freer and more willing the media use of the target group is, the more important it is to create an attractive added value for the dialogue from person to person. Rationally and emotionally. Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer? B2B or B2C? Let us focus on P2P. People-to-People. It’s the emotional values that inspire. No matter in which business – it’s all about a good relationship. From person to person.

communication begins
with good listeners.

The quality of the questions
defines the quality of the answers.

In order to hit home, you need lively communication. Food for thought and new perspectives create valuable solutions with clever strategies. Measures that generate identities, efficient concepts, convincing arguments and exceptional creations  – from the brand development, brand positioning, corporate identity, corporate design, digital communication, personal branding all the way through to internal and external employer branding.



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To boost brand authenticity, motivational company culture and inspired thinking. Let's take a long view, because success is build on trust.

New perspectives
can reveal excellent

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